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We will review some of our top choices for the best vaporizers for 2014 along with reviews, associated with various fast and dirty bullet points, and after that review web pages listed below for our top picks with coupons codes to save money. We’re several mens who really love vaporizers, and basically decided to put together this valuable review site on our experiences with them.

Our Top Picks For Vaporizers in 2014:

1. VolcanoVolcano VaporizerConsidered to be one of the best vaporizers on the market, the Volcano remains a best-seller and popular vape. This machine generates some of the most dense vapor around and is easier to clean than many of its competitors, simply by brushing out the chamber. The Volcano comes in two different styles, a classic with a temperature dial and a digital with an electronic read. A single balloon lasts about four months with the Volcano, so that the first five that come with the machine should last more than a year and a half. Our Review

2. Da BuddhaDa Buddha VaporizerThe same company that brings the Silver Surfer into people’s living rooms produces Da Buddha, a smaller and cheaper vaporizer that nevertheless gives off a good volume of vapor. Unlike the Surfer, you have to put herbs in flat to keep them in the horizontal chamber, so that they fall out if there’s too much on one side. Like the Surfer, it has no specific temperature gauge, and you need to turn it all the way to the maximum temperature if you want to vape quickly. Our Review

3. Arizer Extreme QArizer Extreme Q VaporizerCapable of being inhaled either with a tube or with a bag, the Extreme Q lets you inhale with friends or alone. One downside of the Q involves its fragility: unlike the steel Volcano and plastic Pax, the glass parts of the Q render it vulnerable to gravity, kids, and pets. What’s more, the residue builds up on the glass so that it needs to be cleaned in order to look and smell presentable. With a strong fan, however, the balloons fill up faster on the Q than many others. Our Review

4. PaxPax VaporizerUnlike the stand-up models that produce huge quantities of vapor, the Pax fits in the palm of your hand and may not produce enough vapor for more than one person. Despite the pocket-sized production, the Pax remains extremely easy to use. Pack the chamber, charge the heat, and take a deep breath with greater ease than many other handheld vaporizers on the market. Unlike other vaporizers, however, it also needs lubrication, though it still produces good quality vapor when the parts are not lubricated. Our Review

5. Silver SurferSilver Surfer VaporizerBuilt to endure, the Surfer comes with a three year warranty on its electronics, giving the customer a bit of security that few other vapes provide. With ceramics on the interior, the taste of vapor is cleaner from the Surfer than it is from stainless steel vaporizers. A few glass parts, like the Extreme Q, mean that you need to clean the Surfer more regularly than you may like. Unlike the Q, however, the metal parts surrounding the glass make the Surfer relatively immune to most damage and accidents. Without temperature settings, however, you can turn up the heat to produce more vapor or faster vapor, but cannot set it at a particular temperature for different herbs. Our Review

Here’s some of the other top-rated vaporizers for sale:

IoliteIolite VaporizerA cheaper portable vaporizer than most of the other small-scale vapes, the Iolite fits in your pocket when you are on the go. Since it generates heat by burning butane, however (like a cigarette lighter), you need to keep a supply of butane on hand instead of plugging it in to charge the battery. Most convenience stores sell butane for lighters, however. With the gas in the chamber, herbs get to optimal temperature much faster than they do with most battery power vapes. This durable plastic unit is nearly indestructible, furthermore.

WISPRWISPR VaporizerAbsolutely the first premium herb vaporizer that’s as attractive to take a look at as it is easy to use.It is at home with every other high-end design object in your own life and it works like a dream. Basically load it with all the herbal products that you prefer, turn it on, wait a short time and breathe much less toxic vapor.



Though the NO2 lacks the quantity of herbs that most of the handheld competitors (like the Iolite) do, it makes up for it in quality. The NO2 runs on batteries, but unlike most battery-powered vapes gets to top heat in less than a minute. The downside is that the batteries go dead much faster than other handhelds, having only about an hour of run time. After twenty minutes, however, the vape has an automatic shutdown feature so that you don’t accidentally drain the batteries. Since the buttons are easy to use with just a single hand, the NO2 is better for one person on the run than for a few people looking to vape.

Hot Box

If there’s an idiot-proof vape, it’s probably the Hot Box, which uses only a single switch in order to turn herbs to top temperature. At a lower cost than most home vaporizer machines, it’s a better product for a first-timer than for an experienced hobbyist, especially since it can take up to ten minutes in order to get to optimal temperatures. The breathing tubes has little flexibility, making it hard to maneuver it about a room or give to a friend, and needs to be cleaned or else it becomes dirty.

Magic Flight Launch Box

The original handheld vaporizer may still be the best that you can buy on the market. About the size of a large cigarette lighter, the Launch Box can take a beating and still keep going. Two AA batteries give it rocket speed, letting you vape your herbs in no more than five seconds from turning it on. When you need to be discreet, you can disguise the Box in a sleeve or behind a napkin without ever giving it away. With a smaller herb pouch, however, you either need to put a small amount of your herbs in the Box or grind it up finely to avoid getting tossed about.


A great portable unit that lets you vape oils as well as herbs, the Eclipse lets you seal up existing vapor and enjoy it the next day. The Eclipse comes with extra screens, which you may need since it becomes difficult to find spare parts for the vape. With good heating speed, it can take as little as fifteen seconds to get up to full speed, a speed that’s only beaten in the handheld market by the Launch Box.


What vape works best for you? For a home device to be enjoyed with friends or family, the Volcano represents one of the best intersections of cost, quality, and performance. Whenever you want a vaporizer that you can pull out on the go, the Launch Box gives you dependable performance – and you’ll be sure that fellow herb enthusiasts will know it on sight. Low-maintenance hobbyists will prefer the Silver Surfer, which has a bare minimum of work needed to remain functional, while those with more time and attention to spare should look to the Magic Box as a great way to show off their passion for vaporizing.

Many people are hunting for which vaporizers are generally closest to their specific life style, here’s our recommendations:

Each one is different so we suggest trying for yourself, and basically this should give you a nice starting point.

Return to this page to see if we have up-dates and new vaporizer reviews, we’re always on the lookout for best vaporizers!

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