Why Learning To Invest In Gold Is A Smart Move

Invest In Gold

If you want to invest in gold, then I highly recommend you start learning about investing in gold specifically, and all about this incredible precious metal right now because this is the time to invest as it will allow you to make a lot of money while the trend is still positive.

One of the main reasons why people invest in gold during a down economy is because it helps them hedge their bets against inflation, and it retains it’s purchasing power.
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This is what happens when the power of the US dollar becomes weakened because it is so inflated that it’s just not worth nearly as much as it used to be at one time. There are those predicting the continuation of inflation, and potential hyperinflation.
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But gold on the other hand is a precious metal with real world value so there is never going to be any reason for the price of gold to become too inflated. One big factor to keep in mind is the buying power that gold carries continuously. Gold 100 years ago would buy the same amount of goods it will today.

For instance the value of one ounce of gold was worth $20 way back then, and is around $1600 now. Back then, $20 would have gotten the same amount of merchandise as $1600 will today. So over the long haul, forgetting these short term spikes and dips, gold remains unchanged, and the dollar is losing it’s value.

You can see this evidence by some national decisions made by large nations in their acquisitions of gold.

Gold IRA Invest Countries Buying Gold

It will certainly fluctuate as investors want to sell some of their gold to reap the profits of their investments, but as a long-term trend you should definitely begin to invest in gold because it really is the smart move to make while there is so much economic turmoil taking place throughout the world.

Another excellent reason to invest in gold right now is the fact that this commodity is seriously on the rise and it doesn’t appear that it’s going to be stopping anytime soon.

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It may take a small dip and it may even level off at certain points, but the long-term outlook on gold is extremely positive since the economy is struggling and it’s going to take a really long time for the damage of the mortgage industry to finally start getting repaired.

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Right now foreclosures are still at an all-time high, and people are struggling more and more each day to pay their bills. I know this sounds like a recipe for disaster, and if you are investing in regular businesses than it really is a bad move to make. But not with gold, and not investing in other precious metals as well.


The final reason you definitely want to invest in gold is the fact that this precious metal is a commodity that is becoming more and more scarce as time goes by.

For one reason or another, our gold supply is steadily dwindling and the mining companies just aren’t finding as much gold as they used to.

So owning a commodity that is in high demand and relatively scarce is certainly a good move to make. So do yourself a favor and invest in gold as soon as you have the opportunity to do so.

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Gold IRA Invest

I highly suggest you watch this video, as it is very enlightening with how the value of gold has been sustained throughout the course of history, with illustrations of what you could do with one ounce of gold in 1900, and how it’s nearly identical today as aforementioned, whereas the fluctuations of the US currency have been nothing less then massively erratic, and continually downwards.

Interestingly, notice how they move in opposite directions in direct proportion with each other. That isn’t the value of gold increasing, that is the value of the dollar decreasing.

You can tangibly get a feel for how the evacuation of the Bretton Woods Exchange in 1971 and having a Fiat currency sent waves through the economy that are felt still to this day, exponentially.

Had you invested $100,000 in gold in 1971, you’d be resting on around half a million dollars worth of gold today.



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